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African beadwork from Tribal Cultures in Africa - Xhosa beadwork

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Welcome to    African Beadwork Connection.

This site is designed for the presentation of rare and valuable indigenous artifacts made and used by the indigenous groups of the Republic of South Africa.  It is essentially a commercial site, the purpose of which is to engender an interest in and to offer for sale, old pieces of original African beadwork.

This leads one quite naturally to the question. "Why should one consider making a purchase of, or an investment in original African beadwork?" There are a number of very valid reasons for doing just that. 

Some of the reasons that come to mind are:

Scarcity - Virtually no traditional beadwork has been produced for the last thirty to forty years (other than some tourist pieces - normally simple designs, hastily made). In addition, beadwork belonging to deceased individuals are usually buried with them - along with their other valuable personal possessions. The skills have generally not been passed onto the younger generation and the elderly are for the most part unable to focus on the detail required for this art-form.

Beauty - If one is going to make an investment, why not make it an investment that has an innate beauty about it? An item that can give the purchaser pleasure, while it continues to gain in value. Traditional African beadwork certainly fulfills this criteria. Buying a good piece of original African beadwork could be a lot more satisfying that any bond or stock investment and may well prove to be more financially rewarding.

Growing interest - There is a growing interest worldwide in beads and beadwork. The number of beading societies in the USA and throughout the world is increasing steadily. In addition, there is a growing appreciation of and respect for the artwork of traditional communities around the world. This combination is fueling the demand for traditional African beadwork- a beautiful, valuable, yet scarce resource.

Our "runners" in the field, work extensively in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal (provinces of South Africa), sourcing indigenous African artifacts. They have traveled from village to village across Southern Africa and beyond, searching painstakingly for items such as those shown in our gallery. 

These are true collector’s items of great rarity and cultural interest. Specimens such as these have not been produced for decades, and we anticipate that our already limited supply of old Xhosa and Zulu beadwork will become more and more difficult to obtain.

The Xhosa and Zulu artifacts in our gallery are in immaculate condition and deserve a place in any serious collection of Africana.

To appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the pieces on offer, go to The Gallery.

You could also subscribe to the African Beadwork Connection newsletters (above) to keep up to date on any new pieces that are offered for sale. The previous newsletters can be viewed at Previous Newsletters.

Should you require information on any of the items offered for sale, please do not hesitate to Contact Us  - we'd love to hear from you.

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